Health Conditions

Here we are going to list various health conditions, recommendations and useful resources.


Acne is common in teenagers and can also be present in adults. Most teenager will suffer with mild acne and some will suffer with severe acne that will need professional help to reduce scarring of the skin that can become present after the acne goes away. For more detailed info, please read the PDF from the website for British Dermatologists.


With a continuous increase of children becoming obese in the UK there will be a large increase in diabetes and will cost the economy money to treat it. This disease develops when a person has too much sugar and as a result can’t control there sugar levels and need to be conscious of what they eat as a result and also have to take insulin shots to get their blood sugar levels right. Further info about how it is to live with diabetes can be found in this guide or at, which cover the latest news, complications and risk factors.


For those who are diagnosed with cancer and those loved ones around them it can be a very daunting and scary time but advancements in technology there are many treatments available for the patient and can prolong their life and with some can totally get rid of the cancer but the treatment process can be very hard to see for loved ones around. Learn more about cancer with specific information about various types for patients, family and everyone else at

Heart disease

Heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK with one in five men dying from the disease and one in eight for women. Also people who have bad habbits like smoking and having bad diets increase the risk of coronary heart disease along with those who are diagnosed with diabetes. Discover more about heart disease and start excersie before it’s too late. NHS has provided some helpful information here.

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