Healthier Lifestyles Site Overview

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This website has been constructed to provide health conscious individuals with practical healthy eating advice and exercise information, to assist with working towards an improved level of health and fitness.

My aim is to provide a health, nutrition and exercise information resource to assist people in improving their general health, fitness and well-being, thus reducing the risk of developing diseases such as degenerative heart disease, cancer or respiratory disease.

Health Information
The Health Information section provides an overview of the changes that can be made in order to improve your overall health status, by addressing general lifestyle choices.

Nurtition section
The Nurtition Information section provides practical healthy eating advice and guidance, including meal planners and food diary information, helping individuals to develop a healthy eating regime.

Why bother with exercise?
The Exercise Information section provides information relating to goal specific exercise programmes, providing fitness advice to complete beginners through to advanced exercisers.

Healthier Lifestlyes In-Home Personal Training
We specialise in home-based personal training, tailoring every programme to the needs and requirements of the individual client.

If you recognises the benefits of exercising regularly, but are unable to structure a goal orientated programme for yourself, then why not consider working with a personal trainer for faster results?

Training at home will enable you to work towards your health related goals in the comfort of your own home. You can achieve your goals without needing to visit an overcrowded gym or healthclub!

For more details please visit the Personal Training section of the site.

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