New drug free gel that offers relief from arthritis


People who suffer from arthritis may find some salvation from their pain with the use of a drug free gel named Flexiseq, which relieves arthritis pain.

The creators say that the product improves mobility and protects the person against further joint damage.

The product has been studied and since it is drug free it does not show any dangerous side affects such as heart problems, strokes etc. 

Also results from six different studies found that the product did ease pain and help mobility.

Dr John Dickson, who worked on one of the study said: “This topical treatment is drug-free and seems to have an excellent safety profile.”

Prof Philip G Conaghan, of Leeds University, who led the research, said: “Many osteoarthritis patients are elderly and have additional health conditions that mean they are especially at risk of these side effects. Safety is therefore a key concern for new therapies and patients and healthcare professionals would welcome new treatment options which are effective and without such safety concerns.”

The manufacturers of this say that it costs £16.80 for a tube and on average will last between 11 to 14 days.

Some patience may need to apply it once a day just to stay pain free.

Their are a huge variety of products out there that aid people with arthritis just take the Magic Opener for example, it is a four in one bottle opener that helps people with arthritis to open bottles and cans.

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